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Which Hat Am I Wearing? New Adventures in the Business of Art

So, yes, I left the REAL job - that's what they call them you know.  The jobs where other people write the paychecks, set the agendas, determine your schedule and carry the weight of whatever happens in the end.  Now that I'm back to the business of art full-time, it's time to herd the cats, find a rhythm and move the new reality along.

What's different?  The time is all mine, but there's LOTS more that needs doing in it.  I'm the production team, the marketer, the office staff, customer service, the shipping person.....pretty much the everything.  Oh... and no, I haven't lost my domestic goddess duties along the way either!!
Not that I'm complaining... I'm having a grand time.  Is it scary?  Sure - any time you jump off the ledge of security into the free fall of "who knows what's going to happen," there's sure to be a bit of trepidation.  But, nonetheless, off we jump.  
Any way you look at it, it's sure to be a grand adventu…

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